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Referencer allows you to cross-reference figures, tables, and section titles using built-in Bookmarks in Google Docs. When the document is changed, all references can be synchronized and auto-numbered.

Introduction to Referencer

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Referencer is a cross-referencing add-on for figures, tables, and section titles in Google Docs. When your Google doc contains numerous sections, figures, and tables, numbering and referencing them can be tedious and error-prone. Updating these objects can be even worse. Referencer takes care of the process like a breeze.

Auto-Number Section Titles

To auto-number your section titles, please follow two simple steps:

  1. Format your section titles as headings.
    section titles 1
  2. Run “Auto-number headings” from the menu of Referencer.
    section titles 4

Heading is a built-in style for titles in Google Docs. To enable auto-numbering of section titles, you need to firstly style them as headings. There are four levels of headings supported by Google Docs. If you need help with using headings in Google Docs, please visit Docs Editor Help.

Add and Update References

To cross-reference your figures, tables, and section titles, please follow three simple steps:

  1. Insert a bookmark at the beginning of the title of a figure, table, or section title.
    bookmark 1
  2. Insert a link in the main text where you want to reference the bookmark.
    bookmark 2
  3. Run “Update References” from the menu of Referencer.
    bookmark 3

If you have several objects that need cross-reference, you need to repeat the first two steps to cover all objects before running the 3rd step. Bookmarks are built-in functions in Google Docs. If you need help with using Bookmarks in Google Docs, please visit Docs Editor Help.

Remove References

To remove all cross-references, just run “Remove References” from the menu of Referencer.

An Extra Note

Please note that we do not support the cross-referencing of built-in equations in Google Docs given its limitations. We recommend you to refer to Auto-Latex Equations for adding complex equations and converting them to images in Google Docs.

Not Working?

To report an issue, please visit our issue tracker.

Privacy Policy

Referencer Google Docs Add-On accesses user documents for which it is installed via Google’s APIs to update cross-references of figures and tables in the document. Referencer runs on Google’s servers and in users’ browsers, and does not store data from user documents.

Terms of Service

Referencer is a free Google Docs Add-On with no guarantees or warranty. The use of Referencer by a user is at the user’s own risk. Responsibility for ensuring the correctness of the document remains with the user.